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VIDEO: Ocean City Boardwalk’s touching daily flag-raising ceremony goes viral

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flag-raisingOne morning tradition is proving American patriotism never goes out of style.

Every day, just like clockwork, “The Star-Spangled Banner” is played at the Ocean City, N.J., boardwalk as Old Glory is raised.

And each morning, just like clockwork, everyone who came to enjoy the surf, the sand and the food, stops what they’re doing to stand and face the flag, and either salute or place their hand over their heart in respect.

Just like the 1950s.

The tradition has held firm ever since the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

It impressed one beachgoer so much that he made a video of the ceremony and posted it on Facebook — and it quickly went viral, having been viewed nearly 9 million times.

Seth Bazacas and Kyle Plachta, representing the Ocean City Boardwalk Club, gave the “Fox & Friends” crew a little history behind ceremony Monday.

“The flag-raising started as a way to just open up the water park,” Bazacas said. “And after 9/11, the response from the community, the veterans really took hold and people really took an extra personal initiative in [saying] ‘we’re gonna support our country in this way.”

“It’s important for us as a small part of the business community to continue this tradition,” Plachta said. “And it floors us and it’s pretty humbling to see that respect.”

Watch the interview, via Fox News, and the original clip of the ceremony below it.


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