Orlando airport to add Muslim prayer room: ‘Catering to terrorists at an airport, how’s that for irony?’

A major Florida airport is about to become a lot more accommodating to its Muslim passengers, and critics are demanding to know why one religion is getting special treatment.

Orlando International Airport is set to spend $250,000 to add a Muslim prayer room to the facility by Sept. 1 to coincide with the first non-stop flights to the airport by Emirates Airlines, News 13 reported.

The president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, naturally, thinks the addition is a great idea as many Muslim passengers currently pray in public or in the bathrooms of the airport.

“These rooms provide travelers an opportunity to pray in their own way and have peace before they take on a long flight,” Imam Muhammad Musri told News 13.

Nada Ensherbiny, who is visiting from Egypt, echoed Musri’s sentiment.

“It saves time to search for places and you just go and pray at the exact time as you want. It’s a very good idea,” Ensherbiny said.

Airport officials claim the room is for everyone, but it keeps in mind Muslim practices, according to My News 13.

“So they aren’t having to, if it is the case, kneel on bathroom floors or in corners so they have the reflective time,” the airport’s director of public affairs, Carolyn Fennell said.

While officials voiced their support to the local news, others on social media found it more ironic.

“Catering to terrorists at an airport how’s that for irony?”read one tweet. Others were equally harsh:


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