Look! ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’ yard signs popping up all over

When running for public office, it’s never a good idea to have voters associate your name with the term “prison,” but that’s just what Hillary Clinton is now contending with.

As the controversy over her use of private email accounts grows, including the discovery that — in spite of Clinton’s best denials — some of the emails did contain classified information, “Hillary for Prison 2016” yard signs are beginning to crop up.

While a federal investigation continues, it appears some have already concluded that the Democratic presidential contender is guilty of criminal behavior and deserves a stint in the hoosegow instead of the White House.

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A sampling of the signs are all over social media, and also include bumper stickers and T-shirts. In fact, there’s even a hashtag: #HillaryForPrison. Interestingly, a close up of the yard signs displays an unusual website: Hillary-Satan2016.com.

Here’s a sampling from Twitter:


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