‘Is it really him?’ Trump’s jury duty appearance gets courthouse buzzing

Fresh from campaigning the Iowa fields, Donald Trump returned to New York on Monday to report for jury duty, and turned Manhattan’s Supreme Court building into a spectacle.

“I thought, ‘wow is that really him?’” one female prospective juror told FoxNews.com. “But he’s a nice-looking guy.”

According to Fox, the business magnate-turned-GOP-presidential-front-runner killed the time like his fellow citizens.

In the jury room, Trump sat and talked freely to media surrounding him about everything from Jeb Bush’s fluctuating poll numbers to New England quarterback Tom Brady (“a nice guy”).

Jury assembly supervisor Irene Laracuenta told the possible jurors that their commitment would be either one day or one civil trial, depending on whether they were selected.

“No one — no one — gets special treatment,” Laracuenta said in an apparent reference to Trump.

Here’s how the day started.

Trump, of course, was not selected. After being released, he told reporters he was going to go home to get some sleep.

But he left the courthouse buzzing behind him.

Not all the reaction was friendly, of course. Trump isn’t universally popular by any stretch — and being in the middle of liberal bastion New York City isn’t going to change that.

Steve, that’s not going to be happening any time soon.


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