‘I don’t care if Trump wants to perform abortions in White House’: Coulter giddy over HIS policy paper

Donald Trump sealed the deal for her Sunday.

The Republican presidential frontrunner’s response to NBC host Chuck Todd’s questions on immigration was all it took for conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter to throw her support 100 percent behind the powerful candidate.

Coulter tweeted:

Coulter has stated in the past that she believes abortion amounts to murder. Her sarcastic tweet likely indicates that she considers illegal immigration the single most important issue of the 2016 campaign.

Coulter’s most recent book, “Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole,” deals passionately with the issue of illegal immigration.

During Trump’s combative interview that aired on “Meet the Press” Sunday, he was uncompromising in his belief that illegal immigrants have to be deported.

Trump needed just ONE sentence to make the point on illegals crystal clear

When Todd brought up the possibility of splitting up families, the billionaire businessman responded, “We’re going to keep the families together, but they have to go.”

He repeated this later in the interview. “They have to go,” he said. “We either have a country, or we don’t have a country.”

Coulter continued her praise of Trump:


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