‘Football player’ busts a move with cheerleaders, wows the crowd

A smooth-moving man in bulky football gear shocked fans at an arena football game when he gave cheerleaders a run for their money during the halftime show.

The Arizona Rattlers cheerleading squad, known as the Sidewinders, posted a video to YouTube on Saturday that showed the man in a Rattlers uniform wearing the number 75 running onto the field and busting a move with the girls.

The big man ran out at around the 48-second mark of the video and not only kept pace clad in kneepads, thigh pads and shoulder pads, but outdanced the scantily clad cheerleaders throughout the rest of the routine.

While many were stunned that a big football player could shake it the way he did, the New York Daily News reported that the reason he was so good is because he is professional choreographer Oscar Hernandez.

According to the News, Hernandez has choreographed routines for many sports teams and big musical acts, including Salt-N-Pepa.

Still, the routine is pretty incredible.

Watch it in its entirety below.

Carmine Sabia


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