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A lot more than ‘zero’: State Dept. weasels as classified email count soars past 300

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hillarynixon0817The number of potentially classified documents found in former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails passed the 300 mark Monday.

And the State Department she used to run now says it doesn’t know whether the devices she used at the time were certified as being secure.

According to the Washington Times, reviewers going through the 30,000 paper copy emails Hillary’s team turned over to the government have turned up classified material in about 5 percent of the emails so far.

Since they’ve gone through about 20 percent of the emails, that rate would set a pace for more about 1,500 emails that Clinton sent or received contained information the government now considers “classified.” (The rest is presumably yoga schedules.)

That’s about 1,500 more than the “zero” classified documents Americans could expect if Clinton had been telling the truth about the matter from her March news conference about her private email system until now, but don’t expect to see that on the nightly news.

Meanwhile, State Department spokesman John Kirby deflected a reporter’s question Monday about whether the department could vouch for the security of the multiple devices she used while in office.

The long answer took about 15 seconds, and referred the question to Clinton’s team. The short answer was “no.”

So America will just have to wait until the Chappaqua mafia decides to tell us how secure Hillary’s equipment was back when she was conducting the nation’s business on her own private system.

Isn’t it?

Not to this woman, it’s not.



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