‘Is it really him?’ Trump’s jury duty appearance gets courthouse buzzing

Fresh from campaigning the Iowa fields, Donald Trump returned to New York on Monday to report for jury duty, and turned Manhattan’s Supreme Court building into a […]

A lot more than ‘zero’: State Dept. weasels as classified email count soars past 300

The number of potentially classified documents found in former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails passed the 300 mark Monday. And the State Department she used to […]

Kylie Jenner offered $10 million to make sex tape after she turned ‘legal’; wait til you hear the pitch

Just in case the Jenner-Kardashian clan hasn’t been getting enough exposure … Kylie Jenner, half-sister to Kim Kardashian, may be going into the family business. The youngest […]

Training simulator shows how tough a cop’s life or death decisions are; could you do it?

If anyone had doubts that being a police officer is tough work, this video ought to fix that. The Daily Caller’s Chris Bedford and Kaitlan Collins spent […]

Celebrities rally to build a $1 billion presidential library-loaded-for Obama

President Obama is lobbying celebrity friends, bankers and the super rich — the same people he routinely attacks — for what may amount to more than $1 […]

border agenbt
Deported alien, convicted child rapist caught attempting to sneak back into Texas

The child rapist was trying to sneak back in. An illegal immigrant deported after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a child was caught attempting to make […]

Hillary prison
Look! ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’ yard signs popping up all over

When running for public office, it’s never a good idea to have voters associate your name with the term “prison,” but that’s just what Hillary Clinton is […]

VIDEO: Ocean City Boardwalk’s touching daily flag-raising ceremony goes viral

One morning tradition is proving American patriotism never goes out of style. Every day, just like clockwork, “The Star-Spangled Banner” is played at the Ocean City, N.J., […]

‘Football player’ busts a move with cheerleaders, wows the crowd

A smooth-moving man in bulky football gear shocked fans at an arena football game when he gave cheerleaders a run for their money during the halftime show. […]

Orlando airport to add Muslim prayer room: ‘Catering to terrorists at an airport, how’s that for irony?’

A major Florida airport is about to become a lot more accommodating to its Muslim passengers, and critics are demanding to know why one religion is getting […]

What did I do that Hillary didn’t do? Hero Marine punished for sending classified email to save lives

A Marine who tried to save his comrades’ lives by sending classified information over a private server is fighting to rescue his career after being prosecuted for […]

Ex-Playboy Playmate stripped of her right to bear arms following racy cop photo, lawsuit

A Playboy Playmate has been stripped of her right to bear arms in New York City — but she isn’t taking it lying down. Stephanie Adams, Miss […]

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