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Trump tells ‘Meet the Press’: Why even a MIRACLE won’t win it for Hillary

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trump-miracleRepublican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Sunday it’ll take a “miracle” for Hillary Clinton to survive the controversy over her use of private email accounts as secretary of state — a scandal that has rocked her presidential aspirations.

Not that it will matter, because the real estate tycoon says he’ll beat the Democratic candidate even if she does manage to prevail.

“I think she may not be able to run, to be honest, because this whole email thing is a horrible thing,” he told NBC’s Chuck Todd during an interview on “Meet the Press.”

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The business magnate pointed to former CIA Director David Petraeus, who resigned in 2012 and pled guilty to a charge of mishandling classified information after it was discovered that he gave access to classified information to Paula Broadwell, his then-mistress and biographer.

“General Petraeus, his life has been destroyed,” he said. “And he did 5 percent of what she did.”

But Trump made it clear that as far as he’s concerned, it’s all a moot point — because he’s got the election in the bag.

“So assuming she’s able to run — which would be absolutely, to me, a miracle at this point — I will beat her,” he said.

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