Trump copter wins over kids in Iowa — and WOWS reporters along for the ride

No one says “no” to “The Donald.”

GOP presidential contender Donald Trump has insisted all along he’s going to offer free helicopter rides for youngsters attending the Iowa State Fair.

Fairground officials have been just as adamant that he will not. The situation looked touch-and-go for Trump, and while en route to the fairgrounds, he tweeted:

When fairground officials nixed Trump’s plans to offer helicopter rides to fairgoers, the billionaire businessman simply played an end run and rented a nearby parking lot, according to The Daily Mail.

And it was a success.

Trump political adviser Michael Cohen tweeted:

Trump seemed to win over not just youngsters, but also some not-so-friendly names in journalism, including MSNBC’s Mark Halperin and ABC’s Martha Raddatz, who took a few selfies with the candidate.

Halperin had only one complaint of Trump: “I was hoping you’d wear jeans,” he said.

You can’t have everything.

Here’s the video, via Bloomberg Politics.


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