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‘I’ve got NEWS for you!’ Judge Jeanine makes an airtight case that Hillary broke the law

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Jeanine Pirro

If only Hillary had been at the defendant’s table for this opening statement.

Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday laid out a point by point legal case against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her campaign for president that would convince any impartial jury to put Clinton away.

Pirro used the “Opening Statement” segment of her Fox News show “Justice with Judge Jeanine” to present the case, citing specific laws and evidence against the former secretary of state and her aides.

Pirro explained the statutes that Clinton may be in violation of one by one, including the exact statute that makes it illegal to keep classified documents at an unauthorized location — the same statute that was used to successfully prosecute Gen. David Petraeus, the former Army general and CIA director now serving two years probation for the crime Hillary is widely suspected of committing.

Pirro shot down the defense that Clinton didn’t intend to violate the statutes and explained that intent isn’t needed to be found guilty of any one of those crimes.

“I’ve got news for you. We don’t need intent,” she said. “It is a federal crime to negligently handle classified information.”

But, Pirro explained, the fact that Clinton’s server was scrubbed to the point that FBI experts cannot reconstruct her emails shows she “did everything [she] possibly could to prevent anyone from knowing what [she was] doing while [she was] our secretary of state.”

Watch the entire segment below to hear perhaps the most compelling case so far against Clinton.

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