‘Get their stories straight’; Obama, Bill Clinton buddy up on the links on Martha’s Vineyard

You just never knows who you’ll bump into while playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard.

In a story that’s sure to get the conspiratorial juices flowing,  President Obama was joined for a round of golf Saturday by former President Clinton while the two were enjoying their annual summer getaway to the swanky vacation island.

Bill and wife Hillary, the Democratic presidential front-runner in the 2016 election, also met face to face with Obama later in the day while attending an 80th birthday party for Vernon Jordan, according to Fox News. Jordan, a civil rights leader and former Clinton adviser, joined the presidents on the links.

All the chummy interaction comes less than a week after Clinton turned over her private server amid an ongoing FBI investigation into the handling of classified information by Team Hillary, as Democrats get increasingly nervous about her chances of weathering the storm.

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It was enough to lead the venerable Allahpundit to speculate about the impact Saturday’s encounter may have on Hillary Clinton’s legal problems over her private emails. Or as one social media user put it, the two were taking some time to “get their stories straight.”

Here’s Allahpundit’s observation and a sampling of responses from Twitter:


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