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Federal agent carjacked, pistol-whipped and kidnapped — by TEENAGERS

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4-punksFour Florida punks carjacked, pistol-whipped, robbed and kidnapped a man who was loading luggage into his car at an Orlando hotel parking lot on the final day of his family vacation.

It turned out the victim was a federal agent.

Deputies said Gregory McDonald, 19, Dante Askins, 18, Montez Taylor, 15 and Lavanti Redding, 16, were all taken into custody Friday, according to Orlando Fox affiliate WOFL Channel 33 News, which reported:

A federal law enforcement officer who was vacationing in Orlando was abducted in a hotel parking lot late Wednesday. Investigators said the incident happened at the Fairfield Inn and Suites off of Universal Blvd. around 10:30 p.m.

According to investigators, the suspects pistol-whipped the 44-year-old victim, took his wallet, and forced him into his car at gunpoint.  They held him captive for a period of one to two hours, as they drove around in the vehicle.  By then, investigators said the officer’s wife was concerned and called for help.


“The victim was packing his car when he was approached by 4 unknown black male suspects,” Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings told reporters late last week at a news conference, according to the station.

Demings said the robbery appeared to be random. But the victim was identified by the Orlando Sentinel as Armando Alaniz, who works for the federal Bureau of Customs and Border Protection.

When the victim’s wife became concerned, she called for assistance.

“She notified police through OnStar. The OnStar representative placed a call to the vehicle and heard someone screaming for help,” Demings explained.

At that point the four suspects fled and Alaniz was able to free himself.

“The house where [the care] was located was unoccupied and appeared to be a drug house at the time,” Demings said, according to Fox33.

All four have been arrested and appeared before a judge by Saturday.

Watch the clip, via Fox 33.

FOX 35 News Orlando


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