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Desperate Obama turns to SHARPTON to help Iran deal; social media MOCKERY is on the case

Photo Source Newsbusters.org

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The so-called Rev. Al Sharpton pledged Saturday to rally support for President Obama’s “historic” — and widely despised — nuclear deal with Iran.

It’s a stance that may help explain why the civil rights “activist” maintains a prime-time show on MSNBC, even though his ratings would have to increase a few points to reach the level of being embarrassing.

It’s also a sign of just how desperately the Obama administration needs help on this deal. Sharptons position as one of the most polarizing figures in American politics means Obama wouldn’t be using him if he didn’t have to.

Sharpton called on New York’s congressional delegation to vote in favor of Obama’s agreement with the Persian Gulf country while speaking at a rally Saturday at his National Action Network headquarters in Harlem, according to the New York Daily News.

“We are in the middle of some very serious and historic crossroads,” he said. “Today is about saying to the congressmen and senators of New York and New Jersey: Don’t vote against your constituents no matter the pressure.”

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Sharpton also asked black ministers to pressure local members of Congress to stand with Obama.

The shady Sharpton’s call to action follows on the heels of powerful U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., coming out against the Iran deal, the Daily News noted.

Critics have long argued that MSNBC played a key role in Obama being elected to office, and you can be assured Sharpton will use his nationally televised program to advocate on behalf of the agreement.

Meanwhile, Sharpton remains a popular figure in the White House — even if nowhere else in the country. The Washington Post reported in Dec. 2014 that the MSNBC host had paid 72 official visits to the White House since Obama was first elected, including ceremonial occasions.

But NBC continues to ignore the conflict of interest at play here.

Which harkens back to the question of why Sharpton maintains a prime-time show in the face of such poor ratings?

In the Obama Era, Sharpton’s shilling for the White House has its perks.

But social media users aren’t fooled.

Tom Tillison


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