David Clarke to the rescue! Cop’s post about ‘Michael Brown bonus’ makes lib heads EXPLODE

A St. Louis police officer who bragged on social media about spending his “Michael Brown bonus” is in plenty of hot water, but he’s got a popular name on his side.

Referring to the overtime pay he received as a result of protests marking the one year anniversary of Brown’s death, St. Louis County police Officer Todd J. Bakula boasted on Facebook that he used the money to take a short vacation with his wife, according to The Guardian.

“I decided to spend my annual Michael Brown bonus on a nice relaxing bicycle ride trip to Defiance,” Bakula wrote. “Eating dinner now and staying at a bed and breakfast tonight.”

Defiance is an unincorporated community in Saint Charles County, Missouri.

Bakula posted the remark and a couple of photos under the name TJ Thekoola, but in addition to his image being in one of the photos, his wife was tagged using her actual name.


Naturally, talking like that about the thug who died attacking a police officer didn’t go over well among the progressive set.

Police department media relations officer Shawn McGuire told The Guardian the patrolman now faces an investigation for his actions.

“We understand the post is controversial,” McGuire wrote. “The St Louis County police department takes these allegations very serious in every case. The remarks on the Facebook page will be investigated by our department.”

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The post may not have been a smart thing to do, but one of the first to come to Bakula’s defense on social media was Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke, who asked: “Investigated for what, it’s political correctness?”

It’s the continued appeasement of misguided protesters who grow increasingly violent that assures cops will continue to receive more overtime than they want. Here’s Clarke’s comment along with a sampling of responses from Twitter:


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