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Trump says he probably contributed to Megyn Kelly’s ‘abrupt’ vacation, clears up ‘rumors’ about Ailes

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malzberg-trump-headerRepublican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says his feud with Fox News host Megyn Kelly could be the reason she announced Wednesday that she was going on vacation.

In a fiery statement, Fox strongly disagreed.

Trump made his assessment Friday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show.”

The Trump-Kelly feud erupted over what Trump described as “very inappropriate” questions Kelly asked him at the Republican presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio, last week.

Kelly has said she was just doing her job.

At about the 7:40 mark, Malzberg plays a short clip of Kelly’s announcement that she was embarking on a “long-overdue” 10-day vacation, and then throws out the obvious question.

Fox News’ fiery response to Trump’s ‘bizarre’ claim about Megyn Kelly’s vacation

“Do you think there was any connection to have her go away for a while in the wake of what she did?” he asked.

“Well, there probably was, but I wouldn’t know anything about it,” Trump told Malzberg. “People were very, very surprised that, all the sudden, she decided to go away for 10 or 11 or 12 days. But that’s OK, some people make those quick decisions.”

Fox News says Kelly’s vacation had been planned well in advance, and any claims that she was run off the show because of the feud with Trump were “wildly irresponsible” and “downright bizarre.”

Trump spent a few minutes clearing up what he called a false allegation by CNN that Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes scolded him during their truce phone call, saying, “We can resolve this now or we can go to war.”

“Roger knows he can’t talk to me like that,” Trump said. “That was such a false story . . . he could not have been nicer.”

Watch the video via Newsmax TV.


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