Tennessee school REFUSES to cave despite mom’s fight to ban Confederate flag


A Tennessee school isn’t caving to liberal cleansing of the Confederate battle flag despite one mother’s claim that she fears for her son’s safety.

Stewarts Creek High School in Rutherford County, about halfway between Murfreesboro and Nashville, allows students to display the flag on T-shirts and flying from their vehicles.

The mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, said her 14-year-old son told her that kids were wearing Confederate flag T-shirts to class. She saw the flags herself, flying from the back of pickup trucks, while dropping off her son at school Wednesday.

“I felt sad and hurt when I saw that,” the woman told WKRN News 2.  “I just don’t think it should be in schools.”

When the station contacted the school district, Rutherford County Schools spokesman James Evans responded, “As a school district, we can’t prohibit such items unless it is causing a disturbance at school.”

A News 2 crew counted three Confederate flags on vehicles in the school’s parking lot, along with some American flags. One of the flags had the words “heritage not hate” printed on it.

Cameron Lee, a senior whose white pickup truck features one of the flags, said, “It’s part of my heritage,” the Daily News Journal reported Friday.  “There’s no hate there at all.  I’m friends of many people of different races.”

The newspaper also reported that an African-American student was among those in the trucks with Confederate flags displayed.

Two of Lee’s friends agreed that the Confederate flag should stay.

“It’s wrong that they are taking away our flags, because it’s our heritage,” Drake Clements said. “The South especially was raised on the flag.”

Jackson Preston added, “It’s wrong that they are trying to take away history.”

The African-American mother told News 2 that she fears for her son’s safety and disagrees with the school’s decision.

“I don’t think it is the appropriate place for my child to be subjected to this,” she said.

Evans said that the flags are not causing a disturbance in the school and that “everyone involved has the right to peacefully express their opinion.”



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