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Rosie O’Donnell uses menstrual blood as message to ‘a**h**** like Trump,’ but that wasn’t most shocking . . .

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Liberal loudmouth comedian Rosie O’Donnell continued her years-long battle with Donald Trump by calling a radio show and throwing a jab his way.

For likely the first time ever, O’Donnell defended someone from Fox News when she called Trump’s attacks on Fox host Megyn Kelly part of “a war on women that is happening in this country.”

She spoke on the Sirius XM Radio show “Just Jenny” on Friday.

O’Donnell originally called in to scold the women on the show, who are friends of hers, for “calling periods disgusting.”

Host Jenny Hutt stood by her opinion that Kiran Gandhi running the London Marathon with no tampon was not a cool thing to do.

O’Donnell apparently thought Gandhi’s blood-soaked legs was her way of taking a shot at Trump.

“Why do you think she did that?” O’Donnell asked Hutt. “When Fox anchors are being accused of being hormonal and ashamed because they have their period?

“Then that woman [Gandhi] does that,” O’Donnell continued. “Why do you think she does that stuff? You don’t think she did that to say, F**k you, a**hole?!”

Of course, the crass comedian believed the entire thing was part of a more vast battle raging against women in America.

“Women fought for equality in this country, and right now, politically, it’s being taken away from us,” she said.

“Let’s get off the period talk unless you’re going to be empowering,” O’Donnell scolded the women.

“I’d like to take my period blood I no longer have and write, ‘you’re all assh—s,” she said. “I’d like to smear it all over some people’s faces.”

Classy as ever.

Carmine Sabia


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