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Gallup poll says only 1 in 3 Americans approve of the way Obama’s handling Iran

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Despite President Barack Obama’s continued insistence that the Iran nuclear deal is in everyone’s best interests, a new poll shows the American people think he fumbled the ball.

According to the new Gallup poll, released Thursday, a mere 33 percent approve of the president’s handling of Iran, while 55 percent disapprove.

But his mishandling of Iran isn’t alone among his dismal scores.

Gallup Poll

On immigration, 61 percent disapprove. On foreign affairs and terrorism, he scores a 55 percent disapproval rating, and on the economy, 56 percent see the president as a failure.

The only category he does well in is climate change, where 44 percent approve and 42 percent disapprove.

That ought to be a comfort when Iran builds its first nuke.

Carmine Sabia


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