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Colorado baker chokes up after same-sex cake appeal ruling; listen to what broke him

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bream-phillips-waggonnerThe owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop was stunned by Thursday’s Colorado appeals court ruling, saying the rights of a gay couple who wanted him to bake a wedding cake trumped his First Amendment religious-freedom rights.

But what was truly devastating to him was the language used by a commissioner who originally heard the case.

“It’s quite a surprise to see that the government that is supposed to be protecting my rights has become the greatest threat that I have,” bakery owner Jack Phillips told Fox News guest host Shannon Bream on “The Kelly File” on Friday.

When Bream reminded Phillips that a commissioner who first heard the case said religion had been used as an excuse for slavery and the Holocaust, he broke down.

“My father fought in World War II against the Holocaust,” he managed to tell Bream after he found his voice.

“He was part of the division that marched through Europe [that] landed on Omaha Beach. He won the Purple Heart, patched him up, sent him back. He even helped liberate one of the concentration camps,” he continued.

“So, for her to compare a cake, and my government trying to control what I do with that, to the Holocaust and Nazis is just absurd.”

Phillips’ attorney, Kristen Waggoner of the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Scottsdale, Arizona, conservative nonprofit, appeared with Phillips and said they would appeal the court’s decision.

“This type of government coercion should be frightening to all of us,” she said.

The dispute arose in 2012, when Phillips declined a request to bake and decorate a wedding cake for same-sex couple Charlie Craig and David Mullins, citing his religious beliefs.

So the couple did what the militant left does in such situations: filed a lawsuit. They won, with the trial court saying Phillips had discriminated against Craig and Mullins based on their sexual orientation.

Phillips was ordered to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples whenever asked, to educate his staff on the state’s anti-discrimination statute, and to submit quarterly compliance reports.

At that point, Phillips stopped making wedding cakes altogether rather than make them for same-sex couples.

Watch the video via Fox News:


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