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Bill Maher is fascinated with Trump; totally gets the politically incorrect thing

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Bill MaherBill Maher knows why Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls.

Although Maher doesn’t agree with Trump on much, he says he does “kind of get him.”

On Friday’s “Real Time” on HBO, the host said Trump’s success is proof that the Republican electorate wants someone who won’t bend to “b***s**t.”

Maher pointed out that New Yorkers typically don’t do well in the highly evangelical state of Iowa, but Trump is bucking the trend.

“This is a guy with three wives,” Maher said, “who has said he doesn’t look to God for forgiveness. Tell me why he’s not finished in the state everyone always said was run by evangelicals.”

“Because Americans know they’re full of s**t,” Maher continued. “They’re tired of politicians saying to them, ‘If we only had a government as good as the people.’ They know they’re not good, they know they’re not bright, and they know they don’t know anything.”

Jennifer Granholm, Michigan’s former Democrat governor, opined that Trump was like the villain on a reality television show who stays around as long as possible because he is entertaining but ultimately doesn’t win.

Watch the entire segment below:

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