Another reason to boycott? Target gives shout-out to troll who pretended to work for company

Target stirred up plenty of controversy over its decision to nudge the United States a little closer to a gender-neutral society, and even appeared to embrace an Arizona man who pretended to be a company spokesman, “trollingcustomers dissatisfied with the retail giant’s actions.

The decision to remove “boys” and “girls” labels from all items other than clothing in its stores drew a wave of complaints, prompting Mike Melgaard to create a Facebook page posing as a Target customer service representative to have a little fun at the expense of those complaining.

The fake account didn’t last long before being taking down by Facebook, but was Target upset with Melgaard? Based on this subsequent post by the retailer, perhaps not:

Melgaard set up an “AskForHelp” page using the retailer’s logo as his profile photo and began posting outrageous replies to unhappy customers commenting on Target’s Facebook page.

The fake account was up for about 16 hours, and Melgaard “trolled” as many as 50 customers before he was shut down by Facebook, according to the Daily Mail. Here’s a sampling:


Melgaard was more than pleased with Target for the shout-out “Troll” post:

Target.. I f#cking love you.

Posted by Mike Melgaard on Thursday, August 13, 2015


Not to be outdone, he responded by posting this image on his Facebook page:



Just to be clear about where he stands on the issue of gender neutrality, Melgaard also posted this statement:

On a real note:I remember how easy it was as a child to be socially influenced by my peers and the adults around me. …

Posted by Mike Melgaard on Friday, August 14, 2015

Tom Tillison


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