Watch: Pig wrestlers hurl interfering protester over fence at county fair

Some animal-rights activists learned the hard way not to confront pig wrestlers while they’re competing. But the wrestlers may also get a lesson — in crime and punishment.

About a dozen protesters went to the Utah County Fair on Wednesday to protest the annual pig wrestling contest, but they were far outnumbered by the 2,000 or so spectators and participants, according to KUTV.

The point of the competition is to see which team of four can grab a mud-covered, slippery pig and place it in a barrel in the quickest time.

The protesters say the contest is cruel to the pigs, and some even jumped into the ring to make their point.

Unfortunately for them, the wrestlers made a point of their own by flipping one over a railing and another over a fence.

According to KUTV, the wrestlers who did so may face assault charges.

Watch the entire video below; the action starts at around the 2:14 mark.

Carmine Sabia


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