Video: Lifeguard loses job after telling gay men they can’t kiss in public pool

Two men accused a lifeguard of bigotry when they were asked to stop kissing one another in the community pool. 

According to Live Leak:

 Brandon Roper and Giuseppe Cellura claim they gave each other a “peck” on the lips while at the Tehama Ridge Pool last week. Moments later, a lifeguard approached them.
“You can’t do that!” she scolded. “I’m calling the management!”

The pool manager, who also happened to be the lifeguard’s older brother, asked the couple a few questions about what happened. When they told him, he replied by saying that public displays of affection were strictly forbidden.

“Is there a rule about PDA?” Roper replied. “Or is it just because we’re gay?”
Roper then went to check the official rule board posting at the pool’s entrance to find no mention of PDA anywhere.


The lifeguard who asked the men to leave has been fired, according to a statement from Bearfoot Management, the company that manages the pool.

Live Leak conducted a poll to gauge the public’s opinion on the incident. You can see preliminary results below, or go to Live Leak to take the poll until 8/21.

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