‘The Five’ goes off the rails; ‘I hope you live long on the backs of dead fetuses, Geraldo!’


Geraldo Rivera may be costing Fox News some viewers.

His regular presence on “The Five” is irritating many, and his last blowout with long-time host Eric Bolling over the release of a sixth Planned Parenthood video has them swearing off the show for good.

Rivera went after Bolling for not supporting Planned Parenthood’s abortion operation on Thursday.

Bolling wasn’t having it.

“Can you not do this again today?” Bolling said.

Undeterred and apparently in the mood for a fight, Rivera attacked Bolling like a poorly trained pit bull.

“I’m not commenting on abortion, Geraldo!” Bolling warned, and then tried to steer the conversation back toward Planned Parenthood’s selling of fetal body parts.

“What is a good abortion to you?” Rivera interrupted. “What is a good abortion? What is a good abortion, Eric?”

Bolling tried to placate Rivera by saying a “good abortion” is one that saves the mother’s life.

“You know what a good abortion is?” Rivera challenged back. “A good abortion is sitting in a clean place where the woman’s health is protected! As opposed to a back alley! As opposed to a back alley where the woman dies with some butcher cutting her to pieces!” Rivera said.

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Rivera called the Planned Parenthood sting operation “baloney” and a “plot to make abortion an issue” in the next election.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld interjected when Rivera touted his support for using fetal tissue in medical research.

“At any cost?” Gutfeld said. “God bless you. I hope you live long on the backs of dead fetuses, Geraldo!”

Fans of the show who were turned off by Rivera and #TheFive started to trend on Twitter:


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