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‘Shady’ Hillary turned over server to FBI, AFTER she had it scrubbed

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Hillary Clinton continues to play a game of keep away.

According to the Washington Post, the Democrats’ favorite diva handed the FBI a fully scrubbed email server.

The FBI picked up the server from Platte River Networks Inc., a computer company that has been handling Clinton’s email network since 2013.

The company’s lawyer Barbara J. Wells told the Post that the server was picked up by the FBI at around 4 p.m. on Wednesday but that it was devoid of anything that might be useful to its investigation.

“The information had been migrated over to a different server for purposes of transition,” Wells told the Post.

“To my knowledge the data on the old server is not available now on any servers or devices in Platte River Network’s control,” she added.

She said that her client’s company was not under any investigation but that it was “fully cooperating with the FBI.”

Congressional Republicans want real answers.

“Given the server was used to conduct official State Department business, questions have been raised regarding whether classified information was stored on the private server,” Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wash., wrote to Platte River, according to Fox News.

Johnson told Platte River President Treve Suazo that he wants answers within two weeks and also wants to know “if that data was secure, who had access to that material, and whether all official documents were appropriately preserved.” He also wants to know whether the company could access any of the classified information.


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