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Pistol-whipped cop says he didn’t fight back for fear of public backlash if he hurt black man

One of the photos of the beaten officer that was taken and shared on social media in celebration of the attack.

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President of the Fraternal Order of Police spoke for the detective whose picture went viral after he was pistol whipped to the ground by a violent criminal and explained why the cop didn’t fight back.

“Local law enforcement officers are walking on egg shells because they’re so hesitant of how to interact because of what’s taking place in the media,” police Sgt. Heath Boackle told the NY Daily News.

The Daily News reported:

“The Birmingham detective, whose name has not yet been released, paused while a suspect attacked him during a traffic stop because he feared the country-wide backlash he might receive for killing a black man, the head of the local police union said Friday.”


“He who hesitates is lost,” Boackle said.

Last week a picture of the Birmingham, Alabama, detective went viral of him laying unconscious on the ground. Police and civil people around the nation were horrified to see images of the bleeding officer being celebrated on social media.

“Pistol whipped his ass to sleep,” one Facebook user had written.

Boackle said the detective stopped Janard Cunningham, 34, while investigating a string of robberies.

“The officer was just trying to diffuse the situation,” Boackle, told the Daily News. “Mr. Cunningham sucker-punched the officer, immediately knocking him to the ground and gained control of his weapon and beat him until he was unconscious.”

Boackle told the NY Daily News that the detective’s family found out about the attack through social media.

“His daughter was getting ready to go to college and saw the feeds come alive,” he said. “They were really, really upset. They were hurt. How would you feel if that was your family member, police officer or not?”

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Cunningham was quickly apprehended after the attack and charged with attempted murder, the Daily News reported.

As for the detective he attacked? He’s still under the care of a doctor and won’t be back to work any time soon, according to Boackle.

“If the officer would have pulled his weapon, we would be talking about a totally different story,” Boackle said.

“They’re so afraid that what’s going to be portrayed of them isn’t going to be the whole truth of the encounter.”

It’s clearly a recipe for disaster.


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