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White chief, black cop explain the photo that took social media by storm; why it still matters

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The two Texas police officers who responded earlier this year to Black Lives Matter activists with a powerful photo declaring the value of all lives, weighed in on the latest round of anti-police activism Thursday morning.

And their Christian values still reign supreme.

The white police chief and black officer from the Trinity Police Department took social media by storm when they posted a picture of themselves with “his life matters” written on the palms of their hands in May.

Chief Steven Jones and Officer Donald Givens appeared on Fox and Friends” Thursday morning to explain why their simple yet inspiring photo still resonates with the American public so many months later.

“We thought it would send a good message locally, we had no idea it would go national,” Jones said.

In response to the renewed effort by Black Lives Matter activists to stir up anti-police protests by disrupting presidential campaigns, Jones said it is important to remember the value of all lives.

“We can’t stand behind officers that do bad things,” Jones said, “however, the community and the nation can’t condemn every single officer just on the actions of a few.”

Givens told “Fox and Friends” that race really isn’t a divisive issue for most people “if you live Christian values, and you live morally.”

“Hopefully, as a nation, we can come together and move forward,” Givens added.

Michael Schaus


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