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What, she needs a break? After a week of Trump turmoil, Megyn Kelly headed to vacation

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kelly-vacationA week after crossing swords with GOP presidential contender Donald Trump in front of a huge national audience — and sparking  a media feud that’s still making headlines — Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is looking forward to some down time.

The host of “The Kelly File” made the announcement Wednesday night.

“It’s been an interesting week,” she told her viewers, in something of an understatement, given the potshots and sniping she’s received from Trump and his supporters after co-moderating the first Republican presidential debate in Cleveland last week.

Trump felt her questions unfair; Kelly said she was only doing her job.

The network claims that her 10 days time out had been planned well in advance of the debate, and she said it’s been “a long six months without a vacation for yours truly.”

But her fans won’t be the only ones suffering from withdrawal. She said that for her “the big challenge is trying to put down the Electronica,” adding that “When I see you back here on the 24th,we’ll pick it all up again.”

Watch her announcement via Fox News.


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