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Trump breaks down Hillary emails: Guilty as hell, but she’ll walk; here’s why

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hannity-trumpNever one to withhold his thoughts for fear of stepping on toes, Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has an opinion on Hillary Clinton’s culpability in the ongoing saga involving her private emails.

Guilty as hell.

But that doesn’t mean the real estate tycoon thinks the Democratic presidential hopeful will suffer the consequences of her actions.

Appearing Wednesday on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Trump said that while guilty of committing crimes involving the handling of classified information, Clinton will benefit from Democrats being in key positions.

“You have Democrats [who] are all the prosecutors and they don’t want to prosecute it,” he said. “Did she commit a crime? Yes. Will they prosecute it? Perhaps no.”

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The GOP front-runner compared Clinton to former CIA Director David Petraeus, who resigned and pled guilty to a charge of mishandling classified information after it was discovered that he gave access to classified information to Paula Broadwell, his then-mistress and biographer.

“[Petraeus] did a tiny fraction of what she did, his life is destroyed,” Trump said. “He has been ruined.”

Trump said when the email scandal is added to questions surrounding donations to the Clinton Foundation and speaking fees Clinton has received, which he’s convinced “led to absolute approval for other things” when she was secretary of state, her chances of prevailing in 2016 are not good.

Here’s the full “Hannity” interview, with the comments addressing Clinton’s emails beginning at the 8:20 minute mark:

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