Nancy Reagan’s invite to GOP debate invokes ‘The Gipper,’ and reminds us what CLASS is

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Nancy Reagan visits the grave site of her husband, President Ronald Reagan, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, June 5 2014. Photo source: Fox News.

When former first lady Nancy Reagan sent out invitations to the next Republican presidential debate at California’s Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, she reminded the contenders — and the country — what a class act the Reagans brought to the White House.

And what the act currently appearing there is really lacking.

In her true-to-form classy style, Reagan invoked her late husband’s memory and doled out compliments for 16 presidential hopefuls as she summoned them to the event set for Sept. 16.

“My husband was humbled and honored to be president of the United States. I heard him say on more than one occasion that he was only given temporary custody of the presidency, but I know from very personal experience that it was the role of his lifetime,” Mrs. Reagan wrote.

“Debates are a crucial part of the election process, and I’m thrilled that so many qualified candidates have the opportunity to be heard at the Reagan Presidential Library.”


Does anyone think the current occupant of the White House could be described as “humbled and honored to be president of the United States”?

CNN’s Jake Tapper will moderate the debate which all GOP contenders are expected to attend, except for former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore. Gilmore is the only contender who didn’t meet CNN’s criteria of having an average of 1 percent support in three recent national polls.

Gilmore still has time to qualify, but would likely join the “second tier” candidates at the event which will be divided into two groups, similar to Fox News’ August debates.


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