ISIS threat predicts American military ‘beheaded in their own homes’; Obama oblivious

A representative for a hacking group with Islamic State ties issued a chilling threat to American service members on Wednesday, warning that “very soon” military and government personnel would be “getting beheaded in their own homes.”

Following an announcement Tuesday that they had hacked the personal information belonging to U.S. military and government employees, a pro-ISIS hacker told The Blaze that the Islamic State Hacking Division was constantly spying on servicemen in preparation for a domestic attack.

“Just like they spy on Muslims, we are spying on them, watching their employees, watching their soldiers, recording their movements and taking their location information and passing it on to the soldiers of the Islamic State,” the anonymous member told TheBlaze through a smartphone messaging application.


The anonymous Islamic State source said attacks on military members and government workers wouldn’t be large scale operations, but would instead take place in homes, businesses, and on the streets.

“The brothers don’t need to attack them in military bases or secured buildings,” the hacking group member added. “They can now turn up in their houses. In their homes. This is war, what did you expect? u think u can bomb the Islamic State and we don’t do nothing back? Soon, very soon you will see.”


Following Tuesday’s purported hack of government and military personnel information, a Pentagon spokesperson said most of the information the Islamic State seems to have obtained was old, and hadn’t been “operational” for months.

Regardless of the recent hack’s effectiveness, the Islamic State’s warnings do indicate a clear and specific plan to target service members domestically.

Maybe it’s about time the Obama Administration begins taking the terrorist “JV team” a little more seriously?


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