Hillary Clinton tries to relate with millennials using emoticons — and it’s PATHETIC

Hillary Clinton made it known exactly what she thinks of college graduates when her Twitter account released a dumbed-down request for feedback regarding student loans.

Clinton’s camp asked its followers on Wednesday to explain how they “feel” about student loan debt using emojis – those little cartoon faces used to supplement text and impart feelings.

And we all know how much bleeding hearts love to talk about their feelings.

Only this time, the patronizing tweet was met mostly with ridicule, and rightly so.




Remarkably that didn’t stop the out-of-touch Clinton campaign from doubling down on their ridiculous emoticon idea. In a tweet mocking themselves, they showcased a disparaging headline of their ill-fated attempt at relatability, along with an emoji-like “shruggy guy.”

And who can blame them really? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Shruggy guy = All seriousness? Lord, have mercy.

They want to love you Hillary, but you’re making it so hard!

Fair question, but unfortunately she was probably sober at the time.

The fact that the Clinton account used the pathetic “clean up” tweet with a link to promote her “affordable tuition” initiative wasn’t lost in the Twitterverse either.

It’s called robbery by taxation, and Dems are usually pretty good at it.

No mercy.

H/T: Twitchy.com

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