Tom Brady haters having a BALL with courtroom ‘Lurch’ sketch; he gets an apology?

A veteran courtroom sketch artist is getting called for a foul after portraying New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in a less-than-flattering light in a sketch released Wednesday from Brady’s federal court appearance over “Deflategate.”

In an interview with The New York Times on Wednesday, sketch artist Jane Rosenberg acknowledged knowing a lot of people are unhappy with her depiction of the celebrity quarterback, but said that as one of the few in modern media who does not use  social media regularly, she hasn’t been personally affected by it.

Noting that she’d been hired by several news outlets to cover Brady’s appeal of his four-game suspension stemming from the “Deflategate” scandal from last year, she said she’s “under a lot of pressure to work very quickly and do the best I can on the short deadline I’m on.”

“I’m getting bad criticism that I made him look like Lurch,” she told The Times, referring to the butler on the old “Addams Family” comedy. “And obviously I apologize to Tom Brady for not making him as good-looking as he is.”

That didn’t help her cause much, as social media users had a field day Wednesday making fun of the artist, the quarterback and the whole story.

A favorite tactic was adapting Rosenberg’s picture to other situations. (You knew this one was coming.)

And what do you think he’s smiling at here?

The general consensus seemed to be that Rosenberg must not have liked Brady much in the first place.

For the record, Rosenberg told The Times she doesn’t follow the NFL.

Not all the artists portrayed Brady like Lurch. According to The Times, this one actually won the star quarterback’s autograph after Wednesday’s hearing.  tombradysketch0812 But the whole episode made some Brady haters just hate him even more.  


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