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Ted Nugent loads gun while watching Megyn Kelly: ‘I usually sit naked on the couch dropping hot brass on my stuff’

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tednugent0812Veteran rock ‘n’ roller Ted Nugent was firing on all cylinders when he weighed in firmly on the side of Donald Trump during a radio interview Wednesday.

And he had Fox News’ Megyn Kelly squarely in his sights.

Nugent told interviewer Bill Keeler of WIBX in Utica, N.Y., that he’s no fan of the “Kelly File” host, but he does watch occasionally – if not for the journalism being practiced.

“Sometimes when I’m loading my magazines I like to just look at her,” he said after Keeler asked him about the Trump-Kelly controversy. “I usually sit naked on the couch, dropping hot brass on my stuff.” (The whole interview is worth listening to, but the Trump-Kelly segment starts about the 6:40 mark.)

Then Nugent went on a full-court press for Trump and the effect he’s having on the GOP primary season, the media and the establishment — starting with Kelly’s “are you anti-woman?” question to Trump during last week’s debate.

“I’m afraid the gorgeous, stunning … Megyn Kelly absolutely fell off the cliff of political correctness when she proposed that obnoxious, meaningless, nonsensical, biased question to Donald Trump,” Nugent said.

“I think what Donald Trump is doing — I take that back — I know what Donald Trump is doing is representing the absolute, heartbreak and anger and frustration at a government gone mad,” Nugent said.

“You don’t fight a culture war politely, like Mr. Rogers, Jeb Bush,” Nugent said, addressing the former Florida governor and Republican presidential contender. “You get angry, you get pissed, you swing some crowbars … This is a nasty, mean culture war, and you’re not going to win it by adjusting your tie.”

Returning to the Kelly-Trump feud, Nugent reiterated he’s a Trump backer.

“Megyn Kelly absolutely broke all our hearts when she went into the status quo world,” he told Keeler. “Donald Trump is the good guy. Currently, Megyn Kelly ain’t.”

And it sounds like Nugent’s tie isn’t all he’s adjusting.


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