Seattle goes ahead with ‘gun violence tax’ on firearms and ammo despite outrage, future lawsuits

Seattle Gun Ammo TaxGun rights advocates are outraged and threatening lawsuits after a new tax on guns and ammunition was passed by the ultra-liberal Seattle city council.

The law, passed unanimously on Monday, requires gun merchants to pay a tax of $25 on every gun sold and 5 cents on every round of ammunition, the New York Daily News reported.

Seattle City Council President, Tim Burgess, said in a statement that the legislation will save both lives and money.

Every day, the general public pays the enormous cost of gun violence. Gun violence is a public health crisis in our city and our nation. City government can and must pursue innovative gun safety measures that save lives and save money. As it has in other areas of policy, Seattle can lead the way in local solutions.

A gun violence tax will give us revenue to provide broad-based benefits through research and prevention programs. Mandatory reporting provides the police information critical to investigations. I’m grateful for my colleagues’ full support for both of these measures.

But gun rights supporters are firing back at this affront to both the Second Amendment and Washington State’s own gun laws.

“I am absolutely certain there will be a lawsuit filed and there could be more than one,” Dave Workman, of the Second Amendment Foundation, told Fox 13. “They cannot exceed what the state law allows.”

Gun owner Paul Scherwin told Fox 13 that consumers will wind up paying higher prices to offset the tax.

“It’s inevitable that some of the cost will get passed down on to consumers,” he said adding that he believes “They want to pass a law so it looks like they did something.”

According to Fox 13, The Second Amendment Foundation won a lawsuit in 2013 against the city of Seattle when they passed a law banning guns in city parks.

Now they hope to get this law overturned as well.

Carmine Sabia


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