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Powerful photo: Why lone college student stood guard to ‘protect’ cops from Black Lives Matter rioters

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She decided to take a stand against anti-police violence.


As the chaos in Ferguson raged over the anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown on Monday, one college student bravely stood by herself in between police and Black Lives Matter protesters to “protect” the cops from rioters.

LexiThe 19-year-old nursing student at St. Louis University, Lexi Kozhevsky, said she was raised to care about people, and was tired of the way “civil rights” protests were used as an excuse to attack the men and women who are there to protect the community, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

“Look guys, discrimination is a thing and I get it, but we need to stay with the people who protect us and that’s what I’m doing,” she said.

Kozhevsky told the Post-Dispatch that she was making the powerful stand against anti-police protesters because cops have “already been through a lot,” adding that police “don’t deserve” the hate she sees directed at them.

With riots and protests over the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death widespread in the area over the weekend, anti-police violence had again picked up on Monday, with dozens of protesters being arrested for throwing bottles at police and obstructing public buildings.

In a refreshing show of courage, Kozhevsky said she was ready to take the brunt of the protesters’ violence in the name of defending first responders.

“If anything comes their way, I would rather it hit me than them,” she said.


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