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Parody Trump Twitter account KILLS IT on social media – it’s AWESOME

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Trump: The myth, the man, the… parody?

Real estate mogul Donald Trump’s braggadocios attitude and biting criticism has made him both loved and hated among Republicans, but it has also given life to an impressive parody Twitter account.

It’s hard to make Trump’s run for president more entertaining than it already is, but one social media user has done just that.

Posting as @WriteinTrump, one Twitter user has taken the confrontational attitude of Trump to a whole new level with humor that – unlike the Republican presidential candidate himself – is likely to appeal to both his supporters and detractors.

Taking shots at everyone from Republican Rick Perry to Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton, the account leaves no one untouched by its unique brand of Trump-inspired burns.

Whoever this guy is, he should really be writing Trump’s speeches from here on out.


Michael Schaus


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