Dad fights bully school board and WINS right to carry gun in daughter’s school

A gun rights fighter who thinks kids need more protection at school than a “gun free zone” sign won big this week in a court fight with […]

Judge Nap spills what media DIDN’T TELL YOU about Hillary’s ‘grave situation’ with FBI

The media might have missed it, but Judge Andrew P. Napolitano on Wednesday served up some titillating information about Hillary Clinton turning over her private email server. […]

Seattle goes ahead with ‘gun violence tax’ on firearms and ammo despite outrage, future lawsuits

Gun rights advocates are outraged and threatening lawsuits after a new tax on guns and ammunition was passed by the ultra-liberal Seattle city council. The law, passed […]

Pending labor ruling could redefine everything; make business owners ‘glorified managers’

The National Labor Relations Board is once again taking aim at small business owners at the request of labor unions. Businesses are bracing for a labor ruling that […]

Parody Trump Twitter account KILLS IT on social media – it’s AWESOME

Trump: The myth, the man, the… parody? Real estate mogul Donald Trump’s braggadocios attitude and biting criticism has made him both loved and hated among Republicans, but it […]

Veterans’ powerful video pleads for Obama not to make deal: ‘I was blown up by an Iranian bomb’

They are the victims of Iranian terrorism, and now they’re speaking out against President Obama’s Iranian nuclear agreement. A newly created group made up of veterans is voicing […]

‘Stump for Trump’ ladies hijack Don Lemon’s show; poor guy never had a chance

CNN’s Don Lemon talked about “passion and fire” when introducing a segment featuring the “Stump for Trump” girls, and found himself struggling to keep a lid on all the enthusiasm. […]

Bernie Sanders beats Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire poll

Sen. Bernie Sanders is beating Hillary Clinton for the first time in New Hampshire, according to a new poll tracking the Democratic presidential nominees. According to The […]

Surveillance footage shows Tyrone Harris wielding his gun; but wait, it’s STILL the cops’ fault?

No matter how much evidence is produced, it seems some people will never side with the police when they shoot someone in self-defense. St. Louis County police […]

Powerful photo: Why lone college student stood guard to ‘protect’ cops from Black Lives Matter rioters

She decided to take a stand against anti-police violence. Literally. As the chaos in Ferguson raged over the anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown on Monday, one college student bravely […]

Hillary Rodham Clinton
FBI seizes Hillary’s emails; Clinton agrees to turn over server after top-secret emails found

Hillary Clinton’s use of private email accounts and a private server is proving to be a far more persistent problem for the Democratic presidential contender than Benghazi. […]

Bring it! Trump threatens to fight Black Lives Matter protesters, and they respond

Donald Trump has laid down the gauntlet to Black Lives Matter and it looks like they are picking it up. During a news conference Tuesday in Michigan, […]