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Judge Nap spills what media DIDN’T TELL YOU about Hillary’s ‘grave situation’ with FBI

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napolitanoThe media might have missed it, but Judge Andrew P. Napolitano on Wednesday served up some titillating information about Hillary Clinton turning over her private email server.

And it could add up to a “political nightmare” for the former secretary of state and her presidential ambitions.

While Clinton’s legal team announced Tuesday that she will turn her server over to the FBI, the Fox News senior judicial analyst said federal agents have had it for a week.

In an appearance Wednesday on Fox Business’ “Varney & Co,” Napolitano said that not only have the feds had the server for a week, but they’ll be able to extract the 33,000 emails Clinton previously deleted.

“The FBI investigates for federal crimes and breaches of national security … that’s what they’re looking for,” he added.

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Clinton has previously said she did not handle classified information through her private email account, but it was learned Tuesday that two emails classified as “Top Secret” have been identified — her lawyers responded to the bombshell report by announcing that they would surrender the server.

In an appearance earlier in the day on “Fox & Friends,” Napolitano said this was a “grave situation” for Clinton’s legal team.

“This is [Clinton’s] worst political nightmare and a grave legal problem,” he told the Fox News morning crew.

He also explained that from the U.S. government’s standpoint, “top-secret” means if the information is revealed, “it could cause grave harm to national security.”

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