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Jindal: Hillary’s one email away from prison time, maybe Martha Stewart can give her some tips

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Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal had some fun at Hillary Clinton’s expense while stumping to a small crowd of around sixty in Muscatine, Iowa on Tuesday.

The jabs came after Clinton’s emails from her time at the State Department were finally turned over to the FBI, by order of a federal judge.

According to WQAD 8, Jindal joked:

“Hillary Clinton is already under investigation by the FBI,” Jindal said. “Now she’s signed a sworn affidavit to a federal judge, under penalty of perjury, that she has handed over all of her government business emails.”

“Which means that she’s one email away from prison time. She’d better pray the Chinese government doesn’t do a document dump.”

“Maybe her friend Martha Stewart can stop giving her interior decorating advice and give her jailhouse survival tips instead,” Jindal quipped. “Orange really will be the new black.”


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