Tom Brady haters having a BALL with courtroom ‘Lurch’ sketch; he gets an apology?

A veteran courtroom sketch artist is getting called for a foul after portraying New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in a less-than-flattering light in a sketch released […]

Ted Nugent loads gun while watching Megyn Kelly: ‘I usually sit naked on the couch dropping hot brass on my stuff’

Veteran rock ‘n’ roller Ted Nugent was firing on all cylinders when he weighed in firmly on the side of Donald Trump during a radio interview Wednesday. […]
Government accountability employees accused of stealing money from free lunch program

It’s worse than taking candy from babies. They’re accused of taking food from kids in grade school. The green-eyeshade folks at the Government Accountability Office are supposed […]

beauty queen
Former Miss Pennsylvania ARRESTED for faking cancer to scam thousands of dollars

The old adage that beauty is only skin deep may be fitting in a story about a beauty queen who faked having cancer. For money. That’s the […]

‘This is GOLD!’: Behind the scenes at Chappaqua Hillary parody video will have you roaring!

This is Clinton comedy that’s pure gold. A video making the rounds on Twitter takes a hysterical look at what’s really going on behind the scenes at […]

Student drunk-emails teacher CRAZY, embarrassing message; teacher’s response is classic

An email exchange supposedly between an intoxicated student and his pretty hip teacher is making the rounds on the Internet — and if it isn’t true, it […]

detention center
Illegal detainees sue US govt. for millions claiming psychological trauma and wrongful imprisonment

Coming to America has been described as winning the lottery, and five illegal immigrant mothers may have hit the jackpot. It’s bad enough Americans must endure illegal immigrants […]

Conservatives should thank Black Lives Matter; it will ruin Democrats run at 2016 presidency

The Black Lives Matter movement is already hurting Democrats in their chances for the 2016 presidential election — and it’s going to keep on doing damage by […]

You bet Trey Gowdy had something to say about FBI discovering Hillary’s TOP SECRET emails

The Justice Department took possession of emails from the private server Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton used during her time as secretary of state on Tuesday, and Rep. Trey […]

VICTORY: Appeals court rules to squash unions’ ‘widespread taxpayer scam’

The Arizona Court of Appeals made a unanimous common sense ruling on Tuesday telling public sector unions that fleecing taxpayers is unacceptable. “Today the Arizona appeals court ruled that […]

Cop pulls man over for best anti-Obama sticker he’s ever seen

This is one photo guaranteed to bring a smile to a conservative face. According to Liberty First News, the picture was taken when a pickup truck driver […]

Favors? Obama, Clinton Foundation donors sold ‘green’ fuel to military for $149 per gallon

Investigative reporting by a Washington, D.C. based publication brings up questions about how ethically the Obama administration has conducted government business. The Washington Free Beacon reported: The […]

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