Sarah, Bristol Palin team up to slam Fox News, Erick Erickson for ‘holier than tho’ attitudes

Bristol Palin used her blog on Monday to slam Fox News and RedState’s Erick Erickson for their criticism of Donald Trump following his controversial comments about Fox’s Megyn Kelly.

Echoing her daughter’s comments, former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin promoted Bristol’s blog post on Facebook, saying critics should drop their “holier than thou” attitude toward the Republican presidential hopeful.

“Rocks and glass houses don’t go together when you’re playing PC gotcha games,” she wrote on Facebook. 


“I used to use this blog to point out how liberals use the ‘outrage industry’ to manipulate people and keep their power,” the younger Palin wrote on in the blog . “Now Republicans are just as bad.”

Calling Fox hypocritical for their condemnation of the real estate mogul’s statements about Kelly following Thursday’s Republican debate, Palin blasted the network for a series of “gotcha” questions, saying there are bigger issues for Americans to be worried about than Trump’s language.

“I considered it an exploitation of the process,” Palin wrote. “[The debate] is supposed to inform the American people. Not gotcha questions, not gossip… I think the American people are owed an apology.”

Bristol also took issue with Erikson’s decision to disinvite Trump from the weekend’s conservative RedState gathering, saying his past treatment of her mother showed a clear double standard.

“Erickson’s RedState once used a demeaning fake photo (wearing a revealing shirt with Santa Claus) of my Mom for an attack article on her.  Erickson refused to take it down even after he was made aware that it was photoshopped,” she wrote, adding that Erickson was in no position to teach anyone “lessons in sexual and political decency.”

Palin concluded her blog post by blasting Fox News for spending more time on outrage over Trump’s comments than Republican efforts to defeat Democrats in 2016.

“Fox and Erickson need to get off their high horse on how outraged they are NOW about sexism and decency,” Palin concluded. “Let’s focus on winning the election, not winning accolades from The New York Times.”

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