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Judge Nap clears things up: Hillary is either lying under oath, or getting rid of evidence

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Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Monday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is either intentionally getting rid of evidence, or she’s lying under oath to a federal judge.

Hillary Rodham ClintonReacting to Clinton’s signed statement from the weekend declaring that she turned over all the emails on her private server to the government, Napolitano argued that the presidential hopeful may soon be facing the wrath of a federal judge who already doubts her claims.

“When a judge uses the phrase ‘under penalty of perjury,’ he’s basically saying ‘I don’t believe you,’” Napolitano explained.

Clinton’s claim that she turned over “all copies” of her emails could land her in legal trouble for obstructing the investigation into her mishandling of government information, according to Napolitano.

“If she no longer has the server, where is it? Did she knowingly rid herself of the server?” he asked. “And if she still has the server, then her statement violates the law because it’s untruthful, because the server has copies of the emails on it, and she [therefore] didn’t turn over ‘all’ the copies of the emails.”

Kelly pointed out that Clinton has agreed to discuss the server when she appears before the House committee on Benghazi, but Napolitano said that hearing might be the least of her worries.

“She may be speaking about the server to a judge – appointed by her husband – sooner than that,” he said.

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