Disturbing photos: Activists blame undercover cops for gun-crazy shooter in Ferguson

Tyrone HarrisA black activist group defending a thug who shot at police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, before he was nearly killed by return fire is blaming the cops — because they were undercover at the time.

But judging by social media pictures he’s posted, this guy was always ready for gun play.

Tyrone Harris Jr. was critically wounded after he shot at a plainclothes police officers who were in a van with sirens flashing — plainly identifying it as a law enforcement vehicle.

But the Organization of Black Struggle claims it wasn’t Harris’ fault because the officers weren’t easily identifiable, Reuters reported.

“The police had prior knowledge that there were going to be events taking place this weekend in Ferguson,” field organizer Kayla Reid said in a statement issued by The Ferguson Action Council. “It was a poor decision to use plain clothes officers in a protest setting because it made it difficult for people to identify police officers, which is essential to the safety of community members.”

Actually, it was a “poor decision” by Harris to fire that stolen gun at anyone that night. It was an incredibly stupid decision to fire it at cops in a van with sirens flashing — and not expecting to get killed in response.

Besides being shot, Harris is now facing multiple charges of assault on a law enforcement officer and shooting at a motor vehicle, according to Reuters.

He’s lucky he’s not dead.

One wonders if the Organization of Black Struggle see these pictures of the “confused teenager” — who also goes by the name “Ty Glocks” — from his Facebook page before it issued its statement.

Pictures via GotNews.com.

Tyrone Harris Facebook 1

Tyrone Harris Facebook 2

Tyrone Harris Facebook 3

Tyrone Harris Facebook 4

Tyrone Harris Facebook 5

Tyrone Harris Facebook 8

Tyrone Harris Facebook 9

Tyrone Harris Facebook 10

Tyrone Harris Facebook 12A

Tyrone Harris Facebook 14


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