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‘Coming to a city near you!’ Sheriff Clarke says phony Ferguson protest mobilizing black vote for 2016

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policeMilwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke called the Ferguson, Missouri, protests a “phony movement” and let Fox News viewers know exactly what he thinks is fueling the re-ignited riots.

“Well this is nothing more than a return to the scene of the big lie,” Clarke told guest host Eric Bolling on “The O’Reilly Factor,” Monday.

Clarke said many of the protesters are a “bunch of creeps, criminals,” and “race hustlers” who destroyed the town after the shooting of Michael Brown one year ago, and have come back to do it again.

“I would like to think this phony movement would have come back to Ferguson one year later to apologize to the good, law-abiding people of Ferguson, but instead we get this whole phony movement,” Clarke said.

Clarke called out the latest Ferguson protest for what he says it really is.

“This is nothing more than an attempt to mobilize and energize the black vote through the 2016 election.”

‘Close but no cigar’: Sheriff Clarke corrects left’s distorted headline on last night’s Ferguson shoot-out

Clarke said there’s no better way to ignite the movement than to keep bringing “race and police together in the same narrative because it’s an explosive issue.”

He foresees more protests in hotbed cities like Baltimore.

“I’ve re-named this movement after Baltimore, ‘coming to a city near you.’ Yeah, they’re going to keep this thing going,” he said.

“It’s an unfortunate thing, because look, this isn’t Selma, Alabama, this isn’t Montgomery, this isn’t the Civil Rights movement,” Clarke continued.

“Mike Brown was engaged in felonious conduct. This is a slap in the face to people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.

“They ought to go back and study Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I don’t remember gunfire and rioting breaking out at a protest rally, or protest movement that he held.”


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