Cavuto to Erickson: ‘Who are you to judge?’

Cavuto EricksonErick Erickson has no regrets about disinviting Donald Trump from his RedState Gathering last week for comments Trump made that were deemed sexist and over the top by many.

Fox News’ “Your World” host Neil Cavuto confronted Erickson on Monday with tweets of his own that some say attacked women and asked if that made Erickson a hypocrite.

“I have said a lot of dumb things in my life that I’ve apologized for” Erickson said. “There are a number of them I’ve apologized for. I think the difference between me and Donald Trump is I’m not running for president and I did apologize, not just change my story.”

Cavuto questioned how his comments were different and asked “Who are you to judge?”

“I’m not one to judge other than I’m a voter and I think the president of the United States and me or the person running for president are at two different levels,” he said. “If Donald Trump can’t take a tough question from Megyn Kelly without insulting her, how is he going to take a tough question from Vladimir Putin?”

Carmine Sabia


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