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Trump won’t say if he spoke with Roger Ailes since debate: My life’s theory is not to embarrass people

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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is not known for holding back when asked a question, but he did just that Monday morning when asked if he has been in touch with Fox News president Roger Ailes since Thursday’s primary debate.

And that tactful tactic apparently paid off for Trump with a new commitment of fairness from the Fox top dog.

The story started when Trump called in to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and host Joe Scarborough asked the candidate about his “war with Fox News.”

Scarborough was  highly critical of Fox News for their performance during the debate and for what he saw as biased treatment toward Trump.

“Obviously it’s not in Fox News’ best interest to be in a war with you, it’s not in your best interest to be in a war with Fox News,” Scarborough said.

“Have you talked to Roger over the weekend?” the MSNBC host asked. “Have you talked to anybody at Fox News over the weekend about trying to find common ground with the network?”

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Oddly enough, Trump wasn’t talking.

“Well, I don’t want to say that,” he replied. “I will tell you that I don’t think Fox treats me well.”

In an effort to get him to give up the goods, Scarborough reminded the real estate tycoon that he’s “a straight talker.”

“I don’t want to say,” Trump repeated. “Why would I say it? I’m not going to embarrass anybody.”

Not willing to let it go, Scarborough tried again but Trump was tight as a clam.

“My whole life has been led on the theory that I do not want to embarrass people,” Trump answered.

Right… and I have a great bridge I’d like to offer up for sale.

Tom Tillison


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