The gross, classless, uncalled for thing this marathon runner did that made headlines

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Source: Kiran Gandhi via People Magazine

She just turned on the spigot and let it flow free.

A woman ran the April London Marathon while she was menstruating — but without any protection – to make a statement.

Runner Kiran Gandhi’s Sandra Fluke-like reason for doing so was to raise awareness of women who have no access of feminine products, according to People Magazine.

Is Obamacare supposed to cover that too?

“I ran the whole marathon with my period blood running down my legs,” she proudly posted on her website.

People reported:

Gandhi, a Harvard Business School graduate, wrote that she got her period the night before the big race and thought that a tampon would be uncomfortable while she ran. But that isn’t the only reason she decided to let it flow.


“I ran with blood dripping down my legs for sisters who don’t have access to tampons and sisters who, despite cramping and pain, hide it away and pretend like it doesn’t exist,” Gandhi, who’s a drummer for M.I.A and Thievery Corporation said.

“I ran to say, it does exist, and we overcome it every day.”

Source: Kiran Gandhi via People Magazine


“I felt kind of like, Yeah! F— you!,” she said. “I felt very empowered by that. I did.”

Her parents must be proud.

“If there’s one way to transcend oppression, it’s to run a marathon in whatever way you want,” she wrote. “Where the stigma of a woman’s period is irrelevant, and we can re-write the rules as we choose.”

Source: Kiran Gandhi via People Magazine


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