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‘Morning Joe’ reports fake ‘world news’ bashing Fox: ‘US media in total disarray’

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collagetrumpscarborough0810Getting duped on national television is no way to start a week.

But that’s what happened to the “Morning Joe” show Monday when its hosts, a guest and at least some of the production staff fell for a parody Twitter posting that claimed to come from North Korea and assaulted Fox News while sticking up for Donald Trump.

Here are host Joe Scarborough with guest Mark Halperin, a co-managing editor for Bloomberg Politics, taking the bait.

Now, it’s understandable that no program produced by MSNBC can resist taking a shot at Fox News and Donald Trump at the same time so the using the tweet might have seemed like everything a liberal network could ask for, and compliments of North Korea to boot!

But the tweet was posted Sunday. And there were warnings in the responses.

It’s important to note that it wasn’t just Halperin that was fooled. Or even Halperin and Scarborough. The readily available screen graphic of the tweet didn’t come out of nowhere. Somebody made it. Somebody queued it up. A lot of people on that MSNBC show jumped at the chance to attack Fox and Trump.

And the brains behind the DPRK News Service jumped at the chance to make fun of them for falling for it.

And that got a new round of laughter — at North Korea’s expense.

These folks have never heard of Sony?



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